WK2 Grand Cherokee Bash Plate

WK2 Grand Cherokee Bash Plate



For those who want to take their Grand Cherokee off road and hate that Jeep supplied a factory bash plate made from plastic and carpet, Uneek 4×4 now have a solution.


Protect vital components like your radiator and have confidence when heading out that you have some serious under body protection.


  • Made from 3mm Grade 350 Steel
  • All holes covered with mesh to prevent stones getting up into your radiator
  • Only weighs 10kg
  • Shot blasted and powder coated in texture black for corrosion resistance
  • Mounts with Three High tensile M10 bolts and 2 Hight tensile M8 bolts for serious strength
  • Quick to install at home
  • Works with ARB bull bar

Install time 30min- 1 hour

Install difficulty 4/10

Additional information

Weight 22.05 lbs
Dimensions 37 × 22 × 5 in
Made in


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