About Us

Welcome To KS Overland Evolution

KS Overland Evolution is a family-owned business whose passion came about through its fascination with the outdoors and healthy lifestyles.   In 2013, it was started by offering a solution to the need for “overland” equipment that is dedicated to the quality and  workmanship of all its  unique parts. In addition to carrying our own line of products, KS Overland Evolution is a proud US Dealer of Uneek 4×4 accessories.

Our company works with all vehicles, with a specialization in off-road brands such as Jeep, Ram, Toyota, Chevrolet, Nissan, Ford and Land Rover. Our commitment to building and selling these accessories provides comfort, safety, and quality to our customers. With the satisfaction of our customers being our mission and primary goal, we have carefully selected our group of manufacturers to work with in this quest.

Staff members are well trained to meet the customer needs and we look forward to serving you and any overland requirements.

At KS Overland Evolution, we strive to make sure that our service fulfills our motto— “QUALITY IS PRICELESS”

The beginnings of outdoor life interests started with enjoying sports and nature.  Both of which contribute to the overall health and well being for families that can enjoy the outdoors while promoting a positive and productive physical dedication.  In recognizing such importance in healthy living, the KS Overland Evolution brand contributes to the audience interests to promote and enable one to participate accordingly.  

There is a correlation to mind, body, and spirit that is fundamental to all peoples.  We are pleased to have our company and its products play an important role in this passion.