10 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Buy a Jeep for Your Next Vehicle

10 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Buy a Jeep for Your Next Vehicle

The Jeep is one of the most popular types of vehicles. Jeep has been around since 1941 when Willys-Overland Motors supplied the U.S. Army with transportation by introducing a powerful vehicle.

Since then, the Jeep has been a staple in American vehicles, with the Jeep Wrangler being the most recognized model.

If you’re on the lookout for a new car, consider buying a Jeep. Jeeps offer more than the traditional smaller Sedan but don’t have the bulkiness of a truck. Jeeps are also very affordable and don’t cost a fortune to maintain.

Here are 10 reasons why you should buy a Jeep.

1. Spacious

If you’re tall or just haul lots of stuff, a Jeep provides plenty of floor space. The 2019 Wrangler offers 12.9 cubic feet of floor space with the rear seats up. When folded down, there are 31.7 cubic feet of floor space.

When you fold the seats down, you can fit plenty of goods for a road trip or any adventure. When the seats are up, you can ensure you and your passengers will be comfortable with plenty of leg room and extra room to store their belongings.

2. They’re Versatile

Do you want a Jeep for a mudding adventure or for an everyday car? Why not both? A Jeep is the best of every driving purpose, making them very versatile.

They make great family cars because they fit many passengers. And they’re also great for mudding, camping, and any outdoor purpose.

This is because Jeeps combine the best of comfort and durability. Your Jeep will stand up to whatever you put in its way — whether it’s dirt or messy kids!

3. They Ride Well

While Jeeps can handle any obstacle in its way, they don’t ride bumpy or weak.

When you buy a Jeep, you can ensure the ride is smooth.

Take the Wrangler Unlimited, for example. They have a Command-Trac four-wheel drive transfer case, Quadra-Coil suspension, Trac-Lok limited-slip rear differential, and high-pressure gas shocks.

This helps the Jeep remain sturdy, no matter where you’re driving.

But this doesn’t mean maintenance isn’t required. The key to successful Jeep riding (whether on or off-road) is maintaining healthy tire pressure and regularly changing the oil.

4. There Are Many Features

Jeeps also come with a plethora of other great features. Take the Wrangler Unlimited as another example. You can get two hooks, power steering, and fog lamps.

You can also choose between a hard or a soft top. If you choose the soft top, you could get a sunroof.

Here are some other features that the Wrangler Unlimited offers:

  • Cruise control
  • 7-speaker stereo

These features ensure Jeeps are a modern vehicle, not just powerful ones.

5. They’re Quiet

When you hear other large vehicles such as trucks, you can hear their engine and tires from a mile away. Fortunately, Jeeps are quiet.

This is because of their wheels — the Wrangler Unlimited has a long 103-inch wheelbase. This helps the Jeep stay quiet on traditional roads but also maintains its power while off-roading.

Some Jeeps also have additional padding and carpeting, especially in the cargo area, the dashboard, and under the hood. This ensures the ride is also quiet for you.

6. Incredible Towing Capacity

Do you need to haul more gear than what you can store in the Jeep? No problem — just get a trailer and tow it behind your Jeep! The Unlimited Wrangler can tow 3,500 pounds!

Even the standard Wrangler can tow 2,000 pounds, which is still amazing.

This also means you can tow virtually anything on your Jeep. Want to spend a fun day on the water? Attach your boat, jet ski, or other water vehicles. Want to spend a weekend camping? Attach your travel trailer (but not a full-size RV).

7. Amazing Safety Features

There’s another reason why the Jeep is a great family car. It comes with an abundance of safety features. These features include:

  • Front disc and rear drum brakes
  • Dual frontal airbags
  • Child seat tether anchors
  • Three-point seatbelts

There are even safety features for the vehicles you tow! Jeeps have Trailer Sway Control, which is brake pressure on alternating wheels. This adjusts the engine throttle to maintain trailer and towing stability.

Overall, it’s smart and powerful design ensures you’re kept safe — no matter what happens.

8. Affordable Maintenance, Parts, and Accessories

Unlike other large and powerful cars, Jeeps come with affordable parts and accessories. They’re also easy to find from a Jeep parts store or Jeep repair shop.

In addition, many Jeep parts fit several Jeep models. Finding the right part for your Jeep isn’t difficult.

What if you’re no DIY auto repair person? Jeeps cost only $200 a year to maintain, on average. No car is perfect, and certain repairs are more expensive. And you’ll spend even less when you buy a used Jeep.

Fortunately, Jeeps are very reliable, so those expenses are rare.

9. Where’s the Competiton?

Think about it — do Jeeps have competitors? While there are SUVs and trucks that offer comparable features and power, are they the same as a Jeep?

No other vehicle can truly top the Jeep. No other vehicle offers the space, the ease of driving, the flexibility, and the power that a Jeep offers.

Yes, SUVs also make great family cars, and trucks have incredible towing power — but they don’t offer an all-in-one package that a Jeep does.

10. You Have Many Choices

We’ve been mentioning the Wrangler Unlimited throughout this article. But that’s not your only choice. There are a plethora of Jeep models. Some of the most popular options include the Cherokee, Patriot, Compass, and Renegade.

Even the Wrangler comes with different models, aside from the Unlimited. This includes the Limited, Sport (X), Sahara, and Rubicon.

Your choices don’t end there. All of these Jeep models are made in a variety of colors and come with a range of additional and unique features.

Buy a Jeep!

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