Get Off The Road

Get Off The Road

Transportation always represented the first freedom in our lives that enabled us to move, travel, and get lost within ourselves.  The first time mounting and learning to ride a bicycle was clearly one of the great moments of life.  It allowed us to feel free with the wind in our hair and passing the all too familiar surroundings at a speed that was exhilarating.  

Driving a car was the next big breakthrough in life that opened up another great avenue of freedom and excitement.  It meant independence and responsibility combined that during adolescence, meant something very special.  

To encapsulate those feelings of independence, freedom, and excitement in those experiences can only be expressed in a way that we relate back to those uniquely special breakthroughs in life.  The off road experience for four wheel drive vehicles that are built for unpaved and rural surroundings is that next feeling of oneness with nature apart from what all other vehicles experience daily.  Off road travel transforms a Jeep, Ram, Toyota, Land Rover and others from a transportation vehicle to an all encompassing experience that joins camping, terrain negotiations, and a return to the outdoor life that unites us with nature. 

KS Overland Evolution was created to take advantage of living in a rugged environment while providing the comforts and conveniences of home.  Shelter, temperature and climate controls, with accommodations for overnight and camping all built into an off road vehicle is remarkable.  It is truly the escape of dreams that brings us back to that point of time in our lives that we value immensely.   

The accessories needed to explore off road travel requires special lighting for visibility, heavy duty bumpers for vehicle protection, suspension and wheel connections that enable independent movement to uneven, unparallel, and rocks and mud terrain safely.  Storage tanks for water and fuel where travel off the beaten path can make conveniences for these challenging.  Barbeque grills for cooking and canopy tents for weather and precipitation coverage also add to expanding the flexibility of off road travel accommodations. 

Towing apparatus and rooftop cargo racks provide conveniences for storage and recreational opportunities that off road environments can offer in mountainous, wooded, or waterfront locations.  Whether it be kayaks, canoes, or trailing a boat, marine recreation can benefit from the accessories offered.  The ability to turn an off road vehicle into an “annex room” tent that is a travelling protected space connected to the vehicle is pretty special. 

Regaining the sense of freedom with nature in an outdoor setting only enlightens the flexibility and possibilities that travelling off road with the proper equipment and accessories that keeps the experiences fun and convenient, while preserving the rural and natural surroundings.  

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