Roof Top Tent – MANTIS


Roof Top Tent – MANTIS



Comfortable, rigid and resistant to the inclemencies of the weather. Suitable for demanding adventurer who likes and enjoys the best products.




This RTT Model “MANTIS” is designed with significant improvements in the structure. The base is made of aluminum with rolling double sheet, the structure is reinforced with a filling of polyurethane foam between each sheet of aluminum for superior insulation, cold or head will not enter the floor of the tent because it is completely isolated. The angles of the structure have been increased, in order to improve the rigid and stability of the tent in any rough movement or adverse weather conditions.

-The fabric is made of 100% polyester, with waterproofing capability, resistant strains torn and covered lafgard repellent textile guard to environmental factors. All seams are now in a double wedge in order to avoid any filtration. 

– The hinges are made of stamped steel (3 mm) to give extra strength and all the trimmings are made of nylon and fiber glass. 

– The roof awning is made of polyester for high strength and durability, has a second structure of aluminum to improve isolation temperature and prevent the annoying loud noises due to the wind.​ 

– Two side windows and two doors with mosquito net, cosmetic holder that also works as a shelf, 12 V socket, and USB.

– Tents have two entry for air conditioning unit, so whichever way you choose to open the tent always remains the installation of air towards the rear of the vehicle.

– Tent cover is made of nylon. It adheres to the tent with a zipper cover with loop fasteners (velcro), sealed 100% in order to avoid penetration of dust and water during the transportation of the tent above the vehicle.

– Easy installation rails.

– The stairs are not foldable but they slide exactly in order to fit the height with the terrain that tent is set up.

– For very high vehicle it has two adjustable ladder extensions.

– High density foam mattress, for more orthopedic and high comfort.

– Shoe organizer bags for outside of the tent.

– LED lights inside and outside the tent, even in the annex room area.

– Fully zippered panoramic entries completely weatherproof, with roller system and a totally hermetic mosquito net with loop fastener (velcro)

– Large windows in order to increase airflow inside.

– Waterproof mattress cover protector.

– Roof Top Tents come with internal and external (LED) lighting system to provide night time illumination. They come with outlet power (12 volt) to support various electronic charger applications (laptops , cell phone, etc…)

– Can be installed in any vehicles.

– Designed under the high quality standards that characteristics Anaconda products: guarantee and safety.


Install time: 1 hour

Install difficulty: 2/10

Please contact us for a quote on shipping outside the US.

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